slider5Gold Medal did it again. It has created the only UL & UL Sanitation Listed floss machines on the market today. Now, businesses and fundraisers can become their areas’ profit leader thanks to the patent-pending quick-release floss cap and floaters, and the newly designed cabinets.

Unique to Gold Medal, these state-of-the-art aspects:

  • Make cleaning a cinch without tools because of the spring-loaded retaining cap
  • The molded-rubber floaters, which can be easily adjusted to spin the perfect cotton candy in any climate, are bacteria and debris-resistant

Experience the huge difference of a smaller footprint. Gold Medal integrated the following features to help operators profit—no matter what their working space. Plus, the redesigned cabinet keeps the profits spinning throughout the years.

  • Secure floss heads during transportation thanks to the restyled, extremely compact Lock-N-Go® feature, now available as a standard feature on #3030C & #3052C
  • Prevent sugar from reaching the motor or switches with the redesigned bell housing sugar seal
  • Hold floss bowls in place using the new positioning brackets with bumpers
  • Easily replace cords with the IEC power connector—ideal for frequently moved machines

Gold Medal started the revolution 63 years ago and became the industry standard for cotton candy sales when it perfected a machine that automatically rolled paper into a tapered cotton candy cone. Sales greatly increased per hour and more locations could sell cotton candy, as the slow hand-rolling process was eliminated. And now it has done it again with the only UL & UL Sanitation Listed cotton candy machine in the world today.

These and other revolutionary innovations are why Gold Medal is still the gold standard for concession equipment and supplies. The company leads the way with flavors/Flossugar like traditional money-making “blue” and “pink” sugars (Boo-Blue and Silly Nilly), packs pucker power with items like Sizzling Lemon-Sour, sweetens the deal with Maple and a new seasonal Winter Frost, and boosts profits with the scrumptious chocolate-covered series of cherry, orange, and strawberry.

But operators need to act fast, reap rewards, and become the leader in customers’ eyes. With advances this monumental, the competitive edge will quickly become the new standard for cotton candy production.

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About Gold Medal:  The company began in 1931 and now employs more than 375 people across 12 locations, including its manufacturing headquarters in Cincinnati, OH, and distributes worldwide. It’s a privately held, family-run company that puts the fun into foods. Thanks to revolutionary advances and quality products, Gold Medal is the worldwide leader for concession equipment and supplies.

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