Shav-A-Doo II Shaver

Shav-A-Doo II Shaver



Shav-a-doo II Ice Shaver

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It’s a one-two punch with this Shav-A-Doo set up, an ideal duo for the on-the-spot selling and one-time events like festivals, carnivals and more. Its easy-to-operate, mounted shaver head fits snugly over the ice case.

Features:Top half of shaver head assembly and case are separate
Lighter duty welded frame
1/3hp motor
Acrylic windows rather than the tempered glass featured on larger shavers
Welded frame reduces leaks from melting ice
Ideal entry level shaver for customers with lower volume ice shaving needs
22″W x 13.75″D x 29″H
Available Options:

#1906 – Top Half Only
#1907 – Bottom Half Only


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